Doctors Say This Man Is Dying, What They Do With His Pet? Unbelievable!


April 4, 2015 Videos

I always feel good to see people fighting for the animals’ rights. It is so kind to do that! As much as there are people who won’t care about them, there are others who see it as their responsibility to take care of them. For sure, animals cannot fight for their rights and they would need someone to do so. I appreciate the efforts of organizations and community groups who have made it their responsibility.

In this touching video, we meet Ricky. He is a sick, homeless man living with his twelve-year-old dog Buddy. Ricky loves his dog so much to the point that he sacrifices his food for the dog. Ricky was diagnosed with a severe medical condition and told that he had a few months to live. He was disappointed to know that he might be separated from his dear friend. He also worried if his dog would ever find a home since it’s hard for a big dog to find a new home.


Watch this video and see how Buddy got a place to stay. Ricky also got a chance to spend his days with his friend. What a breathtaking story!

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