This Doctor Was Not A Believer. Something Happened And It Changed His Life!


March 28, 2015 Videos

People have always had believed that we are not alone in this world. Some individuals are skeptical about astrology, ghosts, and superstitions. Surprisingly, many people who still believe in them. Others find it hard to believe in the metaphysical elements of religion yet there is enough proof about its existence.

In this video, we meet Dr. Eben Alexander. As he grew up, he believed in the existence of a kind and loving God. As he pursued his medical and academic career, he became more doubtful about God’s existence. Alexander always disputed the stories he heard from people who claimed to have had near-death experiences. For example, the story shared by the woman who said that she was in heaven while the paramedics were trying to save her life after drowning.


Alexander always regarded such stories as “hallucinations or fantasies” until he woke up one night at 4:30 am experiencing a horrific discomfort. He later told people that he felt something powerful like a freight train was striking him. As a doctor, he underestimated the urgency of his discomfort. He even assured his wife not to call 911 since he was a doctor he told her that it was a slight muscle spasm, after a short while he was gone.

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