Despite Doctors Declaring Her Husband A Hopeless Case, She Never Gave Up. Then This Happened… WOW!


April 8, 2015 Videos

Daniella Davis had only been married for 7 months when a terrible incident happened. Brian, her husband had a brutal motorcycle accident that left him unconscious.  As if that was not enough, doctors declared her husband a hopeless case, since he never showed signs of improving.

Despite all that, Daniella did not lose hope on Brian. She let the doctors know that she wasn’t going to pull the plug. They then gave her the sole responsibility of taking care of him since they thought they had tried all they could to save him.

Then, after several weeks, the unexpected happened, Brain whispered some words.


It was unbelievable that Brian was able to become conscious while under the care of Daniella. Though he regained consciousness, his memory could not remember anything that happened in the past three years. He could not remember that he had married Daniella or that his father was no more. That meant he never knew that Daniella was his wife.

As we speak, he’s under zero medication compared to when he was required to take 20 per day and he’s able to walk. As a couple, Daniella and Brian are getting better.

Which other miracle do you require other than this?

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