He Decided To Take Part In The Experiment. TheResult? I’m Speechless!

The father we see in this video decided to shave his long beard as well as his curly hair. Someone would think that he has undergone a transformation. His wife was really astonished to see his new look.

During the “Make Over My Man for Valentine’s Day,” which is a program in the Good Morning series in America, Arron was nominated by his wife for the life-changing transformation. Arron had decided to be part of the experiment since his appearance was getting unnecessary attention for every wrong reason.


The GMA experts did all they could just to transform the forty one year-old gym owner. After the whole process, Arron appears to be so different and no one seems to recognize him. Even Kelly, his wife was totally surprised after the whole process. I just wish I was there just to see the look on his wife’s face. The wife admits that her husband is totally different!

WhenArron took a mirror to see his face, he was astonished to see how handsome he looked. Arron did not expect it to turn out as it had.  He does not even regret for having lost his beard.

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