Dad Was Returning Home And Never Expected This… He Had To Smile Amid Tears!


October 26, 2015 Videos

Whenever marines are sent out on a mission, they miss their loved ones and always look forward to when they will be reuniting with them. The video below features one marine who is returning form an overseas mission and has a surprise waiting for him. His son was told that he will never have the ability of walking since he was suffering from Cerebral Palsy. But, when the little boy saw his father approaching, he was so much determined and walked into his arms. This is an encounter which is going to leave you touched.


It’s our prayer on this platform that the sweet boy’s health will improve and be able to play and run like other kids within the neighborhood. Sitting on life’s sidelines is no fun so take your time to pray for the little boy and never take your current condition for granted.

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