A Dad Is Handed A Bottle Of Coke, Then The Door Is Knocked… OMG!


December 25, 2015 Videos

The festive season is associated with a lot of surprises and it provides the best time for the family to expresses love for one another. During this holiday season, five different people received a surprise from Coca-Cola. The clip below is based on real people (they are not actors) who express their best reactions upon being surprised. The soldier’s dad reaction was my best. The two had missed each other for a long time and had to wait for several weeks before they could meet.  The dad is given a bottle of Coke which has a label which reads Sgt. White. Immediately, someone knocks on the door and in comes his son and then a tearful reunion follows

A marriage proposal is another surprise which has been featured. A girlfriend is asked by her boyfriend to grab some bottle of Coke and read the bottle’s label. “Husband” is the word on the label and that confuses her a little bit. Kindly keep on watching and witness the various surprises which have been covered.


I believe the message which this video is trying to pass across is that to offer the best surprise you don’t have to do it through a lavish or expensive gift. There are far too many ways through which sincere love can be expressed.

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