Dad Goes To A Date With Her Little Daughter, OMG, So Heartwarming!


February 16, 2016 Videos

We all get very excited when we find the love of our life. Those are the sweetest moments one can have because the love is still young and the dreams are very big like vast land. Then as time elapses, you marry and settle as a couple. But a blessing comes and you are blessed to have a kid. Dues to some circumstances, you either break up with your wife or sent for deployment far away of which you need to leave your kid behind.


In the clip below, such a thing happens. A man has passed a long time without seeing his little daughter. He arranges to meet him at the house like a first date. From the video, you can see that he is excited from the beginning even asks his friend to help him dress up in a three piece suit.  He goes and knocks the house of her wife and guess who opens the door! Her daughter, with this bug smile. She asks him if he is ready for the date after a dad-daughter kiss. And…

Watch the clip below fully and see the heartwarming date. The lesson we learn here is that you kid will always be the best person ever in your life and being together is priceless! Please SHARE this story to all your friends and family on Facebook!

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