Dad Decided To Surprise Mom With This… The Way Mom Reacted? So Priceless!


April 27, 2015 Videos

There is this time when a very busy woman forgot her worth. The clip is about how a woman named Kraft Peanut created a reminder that her family will never forget.

Deborah a full time mom and an event planner is always overwhelmed by her duties. Deborah married Warren seven years ago and they are blessed with two girls, Sadie who is six years and Molly who is four years. Warren has a demanding schedule at work. The couple has to balance between family and work.

Kraft approached Warren and discussed with him of a gift to give to his busy wife just to show appreciation. Warren immediately took the offer.


Kraft goes ahead and asks Paulette Bourgeois to meet the family. Paulette is known for writing children books. Kraft plans a secret meeting without informing Pauline. Warren and the kids provided him with all the details he required about her. She was to use the details to create an exciting story that will talk about a memory-making machine.

Deborah was given the storybook once it was completed. She thought the story was just another story she had to read to her girls and the crowd. Deborah could not hide her tears when she realized that her kids and husband wrote the storybook and that all details described her love to her family.

Seeing Warren’s face when Deborah reads the storybook to the crowd was my favorite part. You need to see how he is proud of his wife.

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