Her Dad Bet Against Her… But Wait And See How The Audience Reacts!


May 19, 2015 Videos

You end up betting against your parent for that ice cream cone or for that sweet treat you’ve always wanted. Once in a while you’ve won but most of the time your parent would just give you a grin for losing the bet and gives you what you wanted out of pity. Lexi Walker made a bet with her dad and it wasn’t worth an ice cream cone. It was worth the ears of the entire world.

Her ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ rendition was jaw-dropping as she performed it live at a Real Salt Lake Soccer Game. This eleven year old killed the high note her dad was betting her against.


The seventh-grader said, ‘Right before I went out to sing this, my dad bet me I couldn’t hit the high note….I won!!” She brought the entire stage down with wild applause and loud cheers from the hyped up audience of the pending game.

Lexi’s family knew what she was capable of but what they knew didn’t even measure up to what she really had in her. Watching this video of this eleven-year-old stunner, you’d wonder where those notes came from.

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