When Dad Asks The Kids Who Is Responsible For The Mess, This Is What They Say… So Funny!


February 21, 2016 Videos

The happiness of a parent is the kids. All parents will agree with me that kids are the most precious and valuable thing on earth. People say that a family is not complete if there are no children. But there comes a time that these children that we do value a lot become stubborn to the extent of making the parents angry.

The clip below features two little brothers and their dad. The father had come from work and was very surprised to find that his two sons had done a big mess to the house and to themselves too. While the father was away the two kids got some paint and spilled it downstairs and also on their head, face and on the clothes.


When the father asked them whose idea it was, the big brother said that all started with the little one. But the way they answer to their father is so funny in that he starts to laugh, on seeing that their dad was laughing, they go ahead to ask him what was funny! With kids like these, you will only laugh even though they do a silly thing. I am sure they will grow up to make good comedians by nature.

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