Did The Cute Pet Chipmunk Do This? Watch What His Camera Recorded. WOE!


March 17, 2015 Videos

I’m not certain of the time people started keeping chipmunks as pets. This has become a norm to many people. This is revealed from the video below. Although, Chipmunks are very small-sized creatures, they are very cute and smarter than they are credited for. The smartness comes from their behavioral and natural characteristics.

We are very informed from the video clips shared earlier that chipmunks are among the cutest and chubbiest creatures in the animal kingdom. They have a very strong motherly instinct-they take care of each other. Also, they are sturdy with enough strength and swiftness to defend them. Probably; these characteristics distinguish them from other animals.

In addition, chipmunks have a very interesting morning routines. I had no idea of their astonishing morning routines there before until I saw the clip. Chipmunks usually do impressing things ever seen in my entire life-Bikke the chip, does unorthodox things in the video below. To make everything believable, the owner had to film Bikke the chip.


Bikke commences its morning routine by stretching his jaw and cheeks, sniffing his beddings and crawling towards the camera. Bikke the chip makes a further move of pulling itself across the bed, stretching out and opening its fleshy cheeks as wide as it could.

The video clip is amazing in its entire 90-seconds.Bekke the chip goes on with its sleep till around 35-second when it started yawning. Surprisingly, Bekke the chip proceeded with its routine. It was now very clear that the chipmunk was the coolest and cutest creature ever seen.

I admire this and I long to own one chipmunk if not fifty of them.

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