When the Curious Horse Set Foot Into the River; His Priceless Reaction Floored All!


March 13, 2017 Videos

People tend to be wary of things they are not sure of; just like animals. We weigh the options before taking the risk.

One horse had never set foot in the river. At first, it was scared. It kept going back and forth. The owner dipped her leg in the water, and the horse gathered some courage. Slowly by slowly, it made its way into the water with a lot of caution.


Once in the water, the horse discovered there was nothing dangerous about the water. Getting rid of his fears, the horse did something that will melt your heart. It took a lot of convincing from the owner to get him out of the water.

Watch the hilarious and priceless reaction of the horse who stepped into a river for the very first time. Please SHARE on Facebook.

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