Mom puts her crying baby on the floor right below the horse. Horse knows exactly what to do

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June 16, 2017 Videos

There’s this nice video doing rounds on the internet, and it’s surely breaking it. It’s about this cute horse that decided to pull off the unexpected. The video has gone on to get over a million views. You’ll love this to the bones!

The video was posted on Facebook by Equidia – La Chaine du Cheval, an organization dealing in horse racing. Well, seems like you might need a new, better babysitter, and it’s going to be a horse!


So we’ve this baby carrier on the floor of a stable, and then we’ve this cool horse in the stall. When the big creature notices the carrier, it gets interested, and even better when it finds out that there’s actually a cute little baby in the carrier. Next? The animal decides to assume the role of the babysitter, so it stretches out its head and goes ahead to rock the carrier back and forth. That little kid in the carrier must have enjoyed this!

It’s really so nice to see animals being so friendly, and sometimes even soothing, to little kids. Watch this full video and love this horse.

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