Cries Are Heard From Under The Ground, You Can’t Believe Who They Found There!


April 18, 2015 Videos

Helping every stray animal is almost impossible. There are far too many helpless and homeless animals out there.


We are lovers of rescue stories and we bring them to you whenever we come across some. It’s always wonderful rescuing an animal from a shelter or off the street, but it’s even better when a distressed animal is rescued. Though the later cases are not common, but whenever we come across them, they come along with a very powerful lesson. The best examples is the story of the dog that was rescued from the Guatemala landslide.

Great rescues have been carried whenever a hero hears the cry of a helpless animal. That is what took place in the video below where a brave dog was rescued. The dog was trapped within an underground pipe somewhere in Portugal. Though no one knows how it got trapped there, all we know is that it was a life-threatening experience. Given that it was not one of the easiest conditions to discover a helpless animal, all this seemed like a miracle.

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