Cop Saved This Woman From A Burning Car, Watch Him Get An Unbelievable Surprise!


February 8, 2017 Videos

Sometimes, something happens to you and you feel like you’ve reached to the end of the rope, as if your life is crashing down on you, and at that most desperate moment, fate smiles. That’s what this story is about!

Kim had a nice car, and she always loved driving around in it, but as fate would’ve it, not all that you love always leads you to nice places.


Her car hit an ice obstacle and turned off. It started burning up. She couldn’t get out to safety. She was trapped in the burning car. It was getting really dangerous for her, and that’s when Tim showed up!

Were it not for this police officer, the situation would’ve been much worse for Kim. Luckily for her, Tim showed just in time to break her out of the blazing car. Good!

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