Cop Acts Homeless And Hits The Streets. The Results Are Too Shocking ToBe Left Unshared. Astounding!


July 20, 2015 Videos

Sometimes, cops can do crazy things in a good effort to eradicate crime, and this videoproves it all.

So it happened that some robbers started roughing people up and stealing their stuff. That’s whenone Staff Sgt. Mark Horsley was tasked by the noble job of netting thieves within the streets of Vancouver’s Downside Eastside. The police department had a cool idea, and Mark ended up homeless, or rather he acted so.


As a homeless guy in a wheelchair, Mark also made strangers believe that he had had a stroke that had killed his counting capability, so he had to rely on their trustworthy selves to count cash. He did the same even as he traded his cash for somecigarettes and food. What Sgt.Mark learned from this operation is just priceless.

While he expected some people to steal from him, he realized that they were actually giving him more instead!

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