And Here Comes An Elevator For The Cat. Wow!


June 22, 2015 Videos

Smart people keep throwing some very cool inventions our way, and one “CrazyMrJohn,”a YouTube user,  has now come up with something that’s going to leave you somewhere between shock and amazement.

You see, his cat is old, and has some trouble hiking on the stairs to the upper floor of the house. So this guy had an idea, and he acted on it.

He built an elevator for the cat!


Built on the outer side of the house, the elevator provides the cat with a faster access to the garden below, just by hopping into the special it and doing the next thing that’ll shock you. This cat operates the device all by its own.

It doesn’t end there. The elevator device has a built-in infrared function capability, meaning that only this particular cat has access to it. Any other animal can die out of jealousy or take the stairs.

Watch as this cute feline jumps into its good device and punches into a button to move the elevator up or down the building. It’s even so patient, waiting out for the elevator to reach the ground.

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