A Christian Song Starts Playing, What These Female Dancers Do? What A Routine!


September 2, 2015 Videos

We human beings were born very differently. There are some things that we will never be the same like, the finger prints, height, characters, and many more. The Almighty God created us with different talents. While others were gifted in singing, running, intelligence… the list is endless.


In the video below, we meet these two female dancers. By just looking at them, you will notice that they are talented dancers. The video starts when these girls are lined up and only one is noted. When the music called ‘Spirit Break Out’ is heard, the dancers never waste time in using their don to praise God. They begin dancing a ballet type of dance. What makes all this become interesting is the way their moves match with the camera tricks that are set up in form of the galaxy world. The lights in the video help in the effect creation.

Watch this wonderful video to see how these two female dancers move in a synchronized manner. What a perfect routine! Please SHARE this dance clip to all on Facebook!

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