He Carries An Instrument With Him To The Sea, When He Plays It… Its Unbelievable!


August 22, 2015 Videos

If you reside near an ocean then you know what “whale song” is!

This is the evocative language that the majority of the whale species employ in communication. But surprisingly, we humans interpret it as a strange music that activates our inborn chord deep inside us. When ways to explore the telecommunication concept was being investigated by Optus, an Australian telecom company, they made a hypothesis that a whale song was ideal to the understanding of these ocean creatures.

They went forward to invent an instrumental music that employed instruments to produce the exact call of a humpback whale. When the music was ready, they took it to into the waters, at the island nation of Tonga, and try to see how the whales would respond to the instrumental music.


The music was particularly made to imitate the humpbacks love songs. Scientists have discovered more about this whale song in the last five years that keep on changing, the same way this experienced dancer does.

Maybe because of the small part of the experiment was staged, that’s why the effect of the instrumental music is not clearly seen. Anyway, we must appreciate the communication technique these ocean creatures use.

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