She Captures Her Own Son Doing This To A Homeless Person. She Got Him On Camera!


May 21, 2015 Videos

It’s in Alabama, and Ava and her 5-year-old son, Josiah, are having their lunch at a Waffle House.

Josiah Duncan looked and saw a man with a bike and a bag standing outside, looking all shabby and lonely, so the kid wanted to know who he was. He asked his mom, and she explained that the man was homeless.

That’s when the kid pleaded with his mom to buy some food for this homeless guy, and her mom gave in. He called the man in and had him have a seat, and before he knew it, the man had the menu in his hand.

Josiah wanted him to order whatever he wanted, but that’s before the next great thing happened!


Before the homeless could take a bite, the kid started on a prayer, and he wanted to do it with this man!

All the 11 customers in the Waffle House had their mouths agape as the kid went on to loudly say the prayer, with his mom so proudly getting him on camera from a corner!

The man had to cry! He ate went away.

Ava tells the WSFA 12 News that watching her kid pull off this great act of kindness made her feel like an accomplished parent, and it’s true!

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