I Can’t Believe These Soldiers Are Worshiping The Lord This Way. It’s So Surprising!


September 30, 2015 Videos

Most people including myself think that soldiers are so much tied up with the work of protecting the country, in that they never have free time to worship the Almighty.  This is until I saw the following clip that made me change my point of view.

In the video below, we see Marine soldiers gathered in a meeting hall which is similar to a theatre. From the first sight, you can think that they are there for some addressing because they all are with their bags. At the front of the hall, there is a screen that has a song clip on it. The song playing is a Christian song titled “days of Elijah.”


Since the letters of the song appear on the screen, all the soldiers sing along praising the Lord. The song seems to be giving them motivation. The best part of the clip is when they are singing the chorus. They do the signs as they sing, which reminds me of the time i used to sing in church as a kid. What an amazing worship. We hope that the Lord hears their worship and keeps them safe while defending the nation.

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