The Call Their New Baby A “thing of beauty.” Why You Discover Why? You Will Be Left SPEECHLESS!


July 22, 2015 Videos

When Angela Ihegboro delivered her baby girl, she was in perfect health except for one thing that left everyone speechless – her baby was white.

The 35 years of age mother and her husband Ben come from Nigeria and are both black. Though they live in London, every partner has always been faithful to the other. That’s why they were full of shock when Baby Nmachi was born – a white, blue eyed and blond haired baby.


While being interviewed by reporters, Angela referred her daughter as a miracle baby. Though that’s the case, still no one understands how that was possible!

This occurrence puzzled and stunned both the doctors and the Ihegboro family. Three theories were put forward by genetic experts which made headlines all over the world. Baby Nmachi was presumed to be a gene mutation victim or a result of white genes that had been dormant for long in the parents who had inherited them from their predecessors who had lived many generations back or might have been a victim of albinism that has undergone mutation.

Despite all that, as a couple, Angela and Ben have not stopped loving each other and they dearly love their daughter Nmachi.

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