She Buys A 5-Second Air Time On Tv To Say These 3 Words To Everybody. I Just Love Her!


July 25, 2015 Videos

It’s not everyday that we come across such a beautiful soul like Shirley Batchelder. At 94, Shirley and everyone around her believe that she has lived a full life, having been married to the love of her life for 57 years. She has many sons and daughters and numerous grand-children. She keeps the memories of her hubby with affection.

But there was something that she still longed for. Apparently, the good lady had compiled a bucket list, and she had managed to check them all except for one thing:  The lady from Franklin, Tennessee, wanted to air an ad on TV.


So Shirley bought a 5-second window on TV, and put across just 3 words as a message to all humanity. Amid the pain and the sufferings currently being experienced by so many people across the globe, Shirley wanted to make a change. Her message was simple but extremely powerful. It’s so sweet of her.

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