It Was Business As Usual At One Nursing Home Until Something Happened… WOW!


April 6, 2016 Videos

In Minneapolis, there’s a group of some very nice people whose main object is to make people happy, and this time, they decided to visit this nice place. You must really want to get this story. It’s really interesting!

So these cool members of I AM KINDNESS decided to go check on the senior citizens at the Mount Olive Senior Care Center, and what happened there is something you must want to know about and possibly replicate. These people are real humans with very big hearts, and you’ll nod to that good fact after watching this. Sarah was one for the volunteers visiting the nursing home, and she’s really glad about it.


The elderly were treated to a full day letting themselves looses and enjoying some great moments with the nice visitors. From photo shoots to other many hilarious moments, these people had a really great day. The lady with the red hair made the day even more colorful. Look at her!

You really need to watch this and also SHARE it on Facebook. The elderly deserve such nice treatment all the time!

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