He Was Bullied By His Friends At School, What He Says To Them? Inspiring!


April 4, 2015 Videos

There are millions of children and teens around the world who wake up frightened to go to school. These teens or kids may be facing physical or verbal bullying. This issue has become an epidemic, and it has a negative impact on the students. I am sure no parent or guardian would want to see or hear such happen to their kids.

This clip is a scene from the famous documentary Happy. You will meet a youth counselor and comedian Michael Pritchard. In this video, he gives an inspiring speech to the students of Benicia Middle School. You will notice how he connects with the students by capturing their attention and making them laugh.


The best part is when he encouraged the kids to stand up and speak in front of their class about bullying. This is amazing! I wonder what the bullies were thinking about when these students were talking. Michael is also an advocate of emotional learning, and he speaks to parent groups, schools and corporations on the topics of diversity, bullying, conflict resolution and communication skills.

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