The Building Is Burning, And Then He Sees The Firefighter Below. Next? OMG!


May 3, 2017 Videos

Sometimes you come across a story and it sounds like fiction. You just can’t believe it. Imagine a dad dropping his kid into someone’s arms from all up the second story. Sounds like fiction? We have the video!

This is a real scene that happened in Georgia. This dad found himself in a blazing building. To make things worse, he had his baby in his arms. He couldn’t navigate through the smoke with the baby. It would be dangerous to the little one.
He was getting desperate. What to do?!


Luckily, the firefighters had arrived. The man looked down and one of the rescuers told him the craziest thing you can fathom. He had to drop the baby! And he did it!

The firefighter caught the baby safely. Everyone was rescued from the fire. Here’s the video that you must be looking for.

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