This Boy Followed A Sick Girl To Her Seat. What He Does? You Will Be Surprised!


April 10, 2015 Videos

There are many good people around the globe who need to be recognized. Such people have always surprised the world with their good acts. In this video, we meet a 9 year-old boy called Keaton Hamin. Some people would say that he is one of the most selflesskids around just because of his action. As for me, I totally agree with them.

This boy had won a hockey stick from Tyler Myer. For sure, the spectators envied him and as he was having a closer look at his price, a seven year old patient came to see what was happening. Keaton followed her and gave her the same stick he had won; this was a surprise for Alyx. Surprisingly, everything was recorded on camera during the game. Alyx was very happy and she thanked Hamin with a big hug.


It is really good to see such an act of kindness towards another individual. When I heard about this story, I remembered the doctor who could gave out all his belongings to the poor.

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