This Boy Was Born Without A Eyesight – But When He’s Given The Piano? Amazing!


April 2, 2015 Videos

Patrick’s father had always wished for a baby boy and when Patrick was born, it seemed like his dreams had been answered until he discovered something- his son could not see and his limbs could not straighten. It appeared like most of the things he had wished for had disappeared into thin air – what could happen to most of the father-son bonding activities which he had always wished for? But, it didn’t take long before the toddler let the world and his family know that not even disability could slow him down.

At two years of age, Patrick had already shown amazing piano skills. He relied on memory and feel to learn the songs and when he had reached elementary school, he could publicly play the piano. Upon joining the University of Louisville, he was encouraged by one teacher to be part of the marching band. When that happened, not a single member of his family or him knew how that was going to work. But, through the support and love of his father, it didn’t take long before he had joined the Louisville musicians.


The kind of sacrifices that Patrick’s father makes for his son is enough to make you thank your caretakers before today ends. This father is a real hero and both deserve to be happy!

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