He Bought A Man Some Lunch, But It’s Their Talk That’ll Surely Melt Your Good Heart. I Feel It!


November 27, 2015 Videos

Let’s face it: It’s not everyday that a homeless man gets driven around in an expensive car and sits for a nice lunch. It’s also not everyday that such a man gets to hold a conversation with someone like Max Zahir.

The truth is, Max is a great guy,and he loves to help out the needy whenever and wherever he can. That’s why he couldn’t pass this homeless guy. The homeless guy is a veteran. So Max invites him into his car so they could go have some good lunch somewhere in a good place, and the two men engage in a conversation along the way.


Now, forget about the car and the lunch. Max is a kind man, and we love him for all that and more, but it’s what these men shared in that brief period that had my good heart shattering into pieces. This could make you reach for the tissues.

Watch the full video and see (and listen to) what happened between the two men in the car. You’ll want to SHARE this with all your Facebook friends. It’s just too touching to ignore.

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