Biological Dad Invites His Daughter’s Step Dad During A Special Occasion. What A Rare Occurrence!


October 17, 2015 Videos

It is very important for a kid to receive love from both parents. In the video below, meet Brittany. She explains that her life got changed when she was in kindergarten, at the age of 6 years. Her parents divorced and she was faced with a tough option of choosing who was to take care of her between her dad and her stepfather (Brittany loved both of them). Her biological dad, a truck driver, wanted Brittany all by himself and never wanted to be taken care of the stepdad.

Brittany’s stepfather described the relationship of him and Brittany’s biological dad to be of tolerance and that they actually never got along, but had mutual feelings of raising their daughter. With time, both fathers came to relate and realized that they were nothing but excellent dads. They raised Brittany together.


The past month, tension arose again as Brittany was going to get married. It was her biological father who was supposed to walk her down the aisle, but something happened. He had invited the stepfather of Brittany so he went up to him and asked him to accompany him and Brittany down the aisle because he was equally a dad to her as he also took part in raising her.

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