It’s A Big Surprise At The Nursing Home, What The Red Haired Lady Does? Hilarious!


April 6, 2015 Videos

I think you have come across the famous saying “You’re only as old as you feel and age is just a number.” The video you are about to watch is a proof of those two ideas. I am sure you will end up laughing after watching this clip.

In this video, we meet I AM KINDNESS. This is a group that is dedicated to performing random acts of kindness throughout Minneapolis: promoting goodwill, Sparking inspiration and spreading smiles as much as they can. Sarah says that the video was obtained from her first group’s outing at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center.


This day was a big surprise for them since they were pampered and primed during the whole day. It also seems that some had never been treated in such a way in their lifetime, and this was a day they would remember. They were given different make ups and clothes. Guess what happened next? A wonderful photo session! For sure, they deserved to be treated like this. There is one person who kills it! She is none other than the woman with red hair. She is totally funny!

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