A Duet Between Michael Buble and a Young Teenage Boy That Leaves the Audience Stunned


June 15, 2017 Videos

Famous singers are rarely going to get outclassed by anyone. They have an automatic presence, and their fame is already enough for them when it comes to the heights that people will reach onstage physically and metaphorically. In this video, Michael Buble manages to perform with an audience member that steals the show.


The first half of the video manages to serve as an introduction to what is going to come later. The teenage singer who gets on the stage with Michael Buble doesn’t get much screen time in this video.

However, he still manages to surprise and impress the audience, which comes to life as soon as he starts to sing to them. The teenager is living out a fantasy for a lot of the people in the audience, which probably only makes them more enthusiastic.

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