She Begins By Uniquely Wrapping The Baby Up – Every Loving Mom Needs This!


January 1, 2016 Videos

There are several ways in which you can make your baby to be filled with bundles of joy and we have brought to you one in the clip below. Then entire process has been demonstrated step by step by a nurse who is making use of a double blanket swaddle. Watch her do the folding below and learn who it should be done.

It has been proved that swaddling is very reassuring and comforting to newborns since it creates an environment which is similar to a mother’s womb. If you watch the case which has been demonstrated below, it has worked perfectly since the baby in question has already fallen asleep even before the process is complete.


If you go ahead and try the procedure, you should ensure that you don’t wrap the baby tightly since it may cause some discomforts and fail to achieve the intended intention.

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