Beach-Goers See A Dying Monster, And They Save It. So Heart-Warming!


July 16, 2015 Videos

We love to swim, but sometimes we get scared of the sharks in the water. But what if that shark washes up to the shore and it starts getting scared of us?

That’sexactly what happened at Cape Cod, at Chatham, MA. A great white shark, 7-foot long, had swum up close to the shore in search of seagulls, but things didn’t go as planned. The animal got stuck on the beach and found itself gasping for breath.


The shark tried to swim back, but the tide had subsided fast. The beach goers were astonished and at some point, they even thought the shark had died. However, no matter howmuch of a monster people think a shark is, some people still came to help out the stranded animal. They took turns to pour water on it to keep it breathing.

The beach officials were notified of the incident and came to help sort out the shark’s predicament. They attached a line on its fin and dragged it back into the water. When it finally raised its head, the people went wild with cheers.

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