Dad Is Bathing His Newborn For The Very First Time. What Mom Recorded?


July 3, 2015 Videos

There is always something special whenever a new baby is brought home. Everything is special when dealing with the newborn – the first time he or she is being fed, the first time the baby spends the night at home up to when he or she is bathed. Within this clip, we are meeting a newborn who is being given the first relaxing bath by her doting Dad.


This adorable video was uploaded by James Perry and within it, we see him bathing his newborn girl for the very first time since bringing her home. Mom was intrigued by the father’s actions and decided to film them. Watching this father gently hold his daughter in the water, sweetly tickle and talk to her is enough to melt any heart!

This must be a very happy family. As we speak, the little girl is three years of age and I wish I had the chance of seeing how she looks like!

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