This Banjo Version Of ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown’ Will Leave You Surprised, Wow!


February 17, 2016 Videos

Let me start by asking a question, do you believe that someone can be born talented? To me this philosophy is very true. I have seen many clips in which people demonstrate their skills and they are very amazing. But think of a young teen playing a song in a very unique manner! In the clip below, you will see what I am really talking of.

Meet Willow Osborne in the video below. She is one of those people who were born with a talent. On one occasion, she came up on stage to interpret the ‘Foggy Mountain Breakdown,’ a tune by Flatt and Scruggs. OMG, her banjo version is just so sweet to the ears! I was watching the clip expecting that she was going to have some difficulty just like a normal musician does, but I was wrong for she did her thing perfectly from the beginning to the end.


What a talent she has of playing the instrument! Truly, she is among the very few people who can play so well like that and music experts will confess to you the same.

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