A Ballet Dancer Was the First to Dance, but When The Lady in Black Does It, Jaws Drop!!


April 24, 2015 Videos

Do you love horses? Music? Dance? Here is a spice for you.

Back in 2012, a film titled Instinct of Color was aired in the local televisions showing four colors from the nail polish. This commercial is among the most stunning adverts I have seen. It gained publicity with a short period time.

DAN Paris and OPI created the commercial. The companies are known for creating brilliant films over the years. They used the nail polish to pass their message to the public. The mixing of different colors brought out a message that you will never forget once you lay your eyes on it. Studies carried by the Suzi Weiss-Fischman Company showed how the nail colors are used to pass emotions and feelings. They help in expressing about what one is going through in the inside.


In the film, the film producer uses four women to pass the message using the colors and dance. The producer is able to replicate the dancing moves using a dancing enhancer. This made it easy for us to watch the energetic, unique and creative dances showed by the OPI experts.

The short film involves a very beautiful horse called Lady in Black. Mario Luraschi expert from the French equestrian train this thoroughbred horse. Some movements are authentic and photo shopped. The horse in the ad has animated legs, this is according to the website that analyses the advert.

Whether animated or not, this advert is more than just a commercial. The ad is an original work.

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