The Baby Is Not Ready To Wake Up, But Mom insists. The Outcome? I’m Smiling!


July 20, 2015 Videos

As revealed by “What To Expect”, 16-20 hours of sleep are needed by infants on a daily basis. During that time, a break of 2 or 3 hours is expected off the sleep. In most cases, babies with four months sleep for 10 to 12 hours during the night and take a break of 3 to 5 from their sleep each and every day.

Within this video, Mom is trying to make baby Chloe wake up though she is not ready for it. All that the baby wants is to sleep since she is not prepared for the big day awaiting her. Luckily, Mom know how to gently wake her – a thing that please me most!


After this video was posted, some people aired their views and said mum was not justified in waking the little baby. Finally, Mom managed to gently wake her up and the kind of happiness she expresses once she’s fully awake will surely make you smile.

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