The Baby Was Going To Burn, Now Watch This Guy! WOW!

When we mention fire-fighters, we put them in the same sentence as heroes. But this time round, there was a superhero!

There was this Black Forest fire incident in 2013 where many homes were burnt down over an area stretching to tens of thousands of acres of land just around Colorado Springs, CO.

During the rescue, the cameras were rolling, but they captured something that has lived in our memories.

Colby Helgerson is just an ordinary guy who fights fires to save lives and property, but what he did on this occasion was something straight out a superhero movie. He was filmed getting out of burning debris with something in his arms, and you won’t believe it.


It was a baby deer!

This video captures that moment when the kind man saved the cute little animal. Indeed, no life is worthless on this planet.

The fire led to the evacuation of many people over a large area, and although some homes were destroyed, no one was hurt. Firefighters are that efficient!

Little is known of the guy or the saved animal, but we can hope they’re all well and safe.

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