Baby Elephant Reunites With Fraternal And Adoptive Mothers. How Amazing!


August 7, 2015 Videos

It’s very sad for some people to think that the work of elephants is only to entertain tourists. In Thailand, two elephants named Mebai and Mae Boon Sri, were engaged in this type of life.

Mebai was of a young age when she was snatched from her mother and vended to the tourism industry. While at the camp, Mae Boon Sri, another elephant, took her as her own child and saw her grow up.

As luck falls on anyone, Mebai had the opportunity of leaving the camp to an Elephant Nature Park reserve. Her change of lifestyle was nostalgic since she had to part ways with her foster mother.


It didn’t pass long before Mae Boon Sri, was rescued from the tourist camp. For her to reach her new reserve home, he travelled for five days on foot. This was done without chaining her, they just let her move freely on her own. Upon reaching the reserve, Mebai was together with her fraternal mother who also was rescued, ready to welcome her.

Although it had been a long time away from each other, they immediately hugged each other using their trunks. Mebai’s fraternal mother recognized how her daughter loved her adoptive mother, which made her to meet Mae Boon Sri. The shouts and trumpets that they made was enough to scare the hell out of one.

Those who were present at the scene, were moved emotionally. Fraternal and adoptive mother came together, making Mebai have two sides to get advice from. Watch this reuniting video, and SHARE it with all your buddies on Facebook!

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