He Picked The Lost Baby And Did The Most Heartwarming Thing Ever. Watch This!


March 26, 2015 Videos

Patrick was out for a smoke break when he heard a peeping sound. After looking around, he discovered the sound was being made a tiny baby bird that had been trapped within a PVC pipe. The young adorable killdeer was helpless and lost since it could not trace its parents.

Seeing how desperate the little bird was, he knew he had to reunite it with his parents. He was sure the freaking sound that were being made were those of the little bird’s parents who could not locate him. He went ahead and placed the baby onto the concrete and what he recorded next was a joy to watch.


He was the hero the small family needed at that particular time. He never overlooked the situation like most people could have done – he ended making himself a name over the internet as one of the animal heroes around.

Patrick revealed that the occurrence was one of the coolest things he has ever taken part in. Though some say he could have avoided touching the baby, but all in all he masterminded a happy family reunion.

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