The Audience Was Waiting For Her To Lead Them In Prayer, Then She Did This… I Miss The Words!


April 29, 2015 Videos

Here comes the person who can easily compete with Jerry Seinfeld.

This was a convention which was being carried by the founders of Home Instead Senior Care and Mary Maxwell has been given the chance of giving the invocation. Many expected her prayer to honor the ever amazing caretakers, but it turned into something else when she took the mic.


She started off by getting her audience ready for a prayer and then took a hilarious turn by going off script and making fun about the process of becoming old. The sweet old lady sounded like a seasoned comedian as she lit up the faces of the audience, whichmainly consisted of senior care experts. She never let the cracking audience interrupt whatever she was doing since she was determined to give them the right share of what she had in mind

This is not the first time a senior is proving to us that age is just but a number. How I wish each and every one of us aged with such humor and grace. WOW!

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