When Asked, He Gives A Declaration As To Why The Kid Is Bullied. What He Reveals Is Astonishing!!


June 9, 2015 Videos

Bullying is an unacceptable vice. To the surprise of all, it is in all places and regularly makes the news. The most alarming thing is that it has evolved into something complex and can be experienced on various social platforms. This has led many to create consciousness as of why it is important to curb it from all angles.

Why bully a person with special needs? This is a question asked by a pupil at Franklin Elementary in Mankato. According to the statistics taken by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website, it’s revealed that disabled children are prone to bullying because of factors like; prejudiced habitats, physical weakness, social challenges and many more to name.

James Willmert, a student with special needs at Franklin Elementary whom his 5 friends have tried all they can to protect him from bullies and include him in the various activities that other students do.


Jack, a fellow classmate of James gave a declaration to the USA Today stating that James’ case was because he faced unconstructive behavior from his classmates who never sympathize with his condition. By that they see him as a perfect victim for bullying.

By inviting him to different activities and places like; schoolyard activities, video games and sports which he loves most. This action has had an effect on him, a comment that even his mother agreed on.

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