Apart From Watching His Favorite Actors Perform, The Real Surprise Was Waiting For Bryan, So Touching!


December 25, 2015 Videos

There’s one feature that we human beings have and that is being a fanatic of something or somebody. As for me, I am a fanatic of action movies acted by Nicholas Cage.

In the clip below, we have the pleasure of meeting Bryan and his wife. When his wife came to realize that she was pregnant, she planned on a way of telling Bryan the good news. Then one day, the perfect day came around.


It was on a normal day and this couple had gone to Walt Disney World, for a walk. While strolling, they got to learn that the Star Wars actors were performing on that day. Since Bryan is a total fan of them, he was so much concentrated on them in that he managed to take a photo with Dart Vader. Just after the photo session, his wife saw the golden opportunity to release the pregnancy news to him. She went ahead to where he was and revealed the news to him

Watch the clip below to see his reaction, what a moment for him to remember all his life. If this clip made your day, SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!

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