They Anticipated To Have A Normal Child, However When He Was Born? What A Shock!


March 12, 2015 Videos

This story is heartbreaking and shocking at the beginning, though, as it ends it leaves my heart with full of joy and motivation.

Jono Lancaster was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, which is a rare genetic condition. Roughly one out of 50,000 children are affected by this syndrome- which prevents the cheek, jawbones and the skull from developing well and also causes breathing, sight and hearing problems.

Jono was subjected to several tough situations in his early life due to his physical appearance. His parents abandoned him at 36 hours after his birth. That’s really bad! On top of this, he was subjected to rejection, bullying, and feeling isolated and angry in his childhood life. Even though he faced many challenges he is now the hope and an inspiration for many families and even children.


Jono knew that God brought him into this world to complete a wonderful mission.

A YouTube commenter said that he understands how quickly human beings can judge him for beings are naturally akin to criticize others and often reject those who do not appeal to their standards. Indeed, this man is an inspiration, since he can fit into the norms of the society so nicely, and become an inspiration as he does it. For sure he is a hero.

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