They Always Crave To See Santa, But What About Jesus? This Video Is Going Viral. See!


December 15, 2015 Videos

When the Christmas season knocks, kids lose their minds to the Santa Claus narrative. At this time of the year, no story will intrigue a kid if it doesn’t include a nice and likeable mention of the Santa personality. You can talk about ogres and zombies, but you would have to twist the story to make Santa a hero if you hope to get a child’s attention during Christmas.


Most times you find the children lining up to talk, or at least greet, to Santa somewhere at stores or parks, but that somehow fades the real reason for the celebration itself. Christmas is about Jesus, and this cool video has been produced in a mission to bring back the allure of Christ in this whole holiday thing.

It’s a nice music video by Becky Kelley, and it’s the best thing you’ll watch and listen to this year. To help keep Christ’s flames rising, all you’ve to do is SHARE this great clip with all your friends and family on Facebook. It’s so cool you might want to drop a comment about it. Just do it!

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