Aldrich And James Version Of ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’, Will Touch Your Heart!


March 10, 2016 Videos

What sooths you when you are down spirited or stressed up? As for me, music is the cure of all this. Actually, research taken shows that music helps one to charm up. but when we speak of music, there are very many types of them starting from secular to sacred. Even though there exists a variety of music types, Christian songs are known to be the ones that touch many people.

In the clip below, we have the opportunity of meeting with Aldrich and James. The two teamed up to sing a Christian song that you probably have heard before. But when you listen to their version of ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’, for sure it is a unique one that will touch your heart.


What a song to soften your heart and still remind you that there is hope even if you think that you are hopeless. The audience was touched by the song as seen in the video. I think I should start listening to many Christian songs from today henceforth because this one song made me remember the creator of everything and that I should leave my burden to Him.

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