Do You Agree With Me That This Is The Best Television Show Ever That Exited? Just Have A Look!


November 17, 2015 Videos

Can you remember the old good days when we all used to have a chat about how the TV shows were amazing? I still remember some of them like The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, or M*A*S*H, and many more.

While searching for some of this wonderful old shows, I lay my hands on some old and dusty comedies that looked to be of many centuries ago.

I had thought that whet were not functional, but trying them out I realized that they were those comedies that featured the blunders from The Carol Burnett Show!


They can be rated to be the one of the best comedians that ever existed but they also did some things in a non-professional manner. For instance, if you are on stage and you happen to be just beside the funniest human beings on Earth, would you resist laughing? This is basically what happens when the clip reaches the 2:00 mark, in that we find ourselves having our share of the laugh together!

It is thought that the most popular blunder of all the ages happened during the famous “Siamese Elephants” draft. In this sketch everybody that is involved just burst into laughing, which also makes us laugh too! For me, this monologue will still remain to be the funniest and wonderful times that the Television had.

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Note: the clip has contents containing adult language borrowed from Vicki Lawrence as Thelma Harper’s “Mama.”Source

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