These Acrobats Took Their Positions. When The Dance Began? Everyone Was Surprised!


July 6, 2015 Videos

Wow! Relax and get ready to see the most amazing dancing routine of all time. This happened in Poland 2010 during the Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships. This clip shows a group of three Russian dancers who made the audience go crazy. These dancers have talent! If you want to prove it for yourself, then you ought to watch this video.

In this clip, the petite acrobats appear like the usual dances at first. When they get to the twenty one mark, the pint sized acrobat is throwninto the air. I guess most of us have some little background about physics and what we see in this case seems to defy gravity. The lady manages to hit the midair maneuver and lands perfectly each time. Whatsurprises me most is the fact that these guys do not get tired.


The maneuver includes the whole floor as they show how they can maintain balance when leaping, jumping, and moving and even on the pivots. This is amazing!

I am sure someone won’t be surprised when he gets to know these women won a gold medal for their performance. They also managed to outdo other competitors from Britain and Ukraine.

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