Acrobatics Form A Christmas Tree With Their Bodies. This Left Me Breathless!


December 21, 2016 Videos

When someone talks of acrobats, think of a group of boneless humans turning themselves into various shapes and springing around like gravity owes them something. Well, what they did during the ceremony at the opening of the Nanjing Olympic Games is even more dumbfounding. A human Christmas tree?!


Count about 500 people and then put them in a stadium. Turn off all the lights except a few in the crowd section, and then let those professionals work their magic in darkness. What you get is something like what’s in this video, and you can expect people to drool at it in total awe!

The group forms a tower a few stories high, and then they decide to turn it into a Christmas tree complete with lights and accompanied by a nice dance from below. Imagine that!
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